love trumps hate

where there were deserts I saw fountains

It’s times like this that I despair of living in the suburbs. I don’t even want takeout at crazy hours of the night or anything, I just wish I could run to the airport to join the thousands of people protesting the Muslim ban at Logan Airport.

My heart hurts, but in a good way, to see people react so strongly and so quickly to something they see as wrong. I saw a video of protesters cheering as people were released at Dulles airport and just cried. I can’t imagine how frightened the detained people who got released – any of the people affected, for that matter – must be. I can’t imagine what it must have feltΒ like to walk in to the cheers of those crowds!

I hope it does something. Sends a message to those who should be listening. There’s so much love in those crowds. I want to believe that will matter.